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Scholar Ballers

2015-16 Scholar Ballers

Warrior Scholar Athletes Recognized through Scholar-Baller

El Camino College is proud to be an active member of the Scholar-Baller organization. This organization is geared to create academic success through competition and reward. Student athletes who excel in academics by achieving a 3.0 GPA or higher will be honored. They represent the excellence that is a part of El Camino College Athletics.

Be a Scholar Athlete!

Name Sport
Agosto, Hope Badminton
Arante, Robeth Badminton
Hoshiko, Natsuki Badminton
Le, Oanh Badminton
Reyes, Regina Badminton
Woodland, Shadera Badminton
Ahir, Kevin J. Baseball
Barba, Noah Baseball
Buska, Reece M. Baseball
Carmona, Taylor S. Baseball
Hamm, Cassius M. Baseball
Lyons, Sullivan T. Baseball
Mitchell, Kyle J. Baseball
Rashi, Taylor S. Baseball
Sablock, Nicholas A. Baseball
Sahagian, Jake M. Baseball
Sanchez, Sebastian P. Baseball
Underwood, Connor R. Baseball
Boyer, Kezia Beach Volleyball
Brydon, Taylor Beach Volleyball
Curtice, Victoria Beach Volleyball
Dow, Jessica  Beach Volleyball
Flores, Melida Beach Volleyball
Murray, Solana Beach Volleyball
Rubio, Brooklyn Beach Volleyball
Russell, Brooke Beach Volleyball
Thompson, Alayne Beach Volleyball
Williams, Nickeisha Beach Volleyball
Wyer, Nina Beach Volleyball
Amaugo, Emmanuel Football
Anyanwu, Justice Football
Bernard, Keven  Football
Booth, Blaise Football
Brewer, Deadre  Football
Brown, Travell Football
Cox, Isaac Football
Fifita, Azizullah Football
Franck-Love, Sebastian Football
Hierlihy, Nathan Football
High, De'Montay Football
Hindle, Colin Football
Kolden, Matthew Football
Lima, Raymond Football
Lolohea, Taniela Football
Marzorini, Kolby Football
Sudduth, Stephon Football
Villarreal, Gabriel Football
Washington, Chad Football
Wills, DeAndre Football
Giapapas, Ted Golf
Jasper, Andrew Golf
Nakazaki, Cody Golf

Rocha, Alyssa

Chin, Christopher



Corona, Kevin Men's Basketball
Reagan, Gavin Men's Basketball
Kevin Corona Men's Basketball
Gavin Reagan Men's Basketball
Lubs, Spencer Men's Cross Country
Moody, Michael Men's Cross Country
Yatar, Vincent Men's Cross Country
Esquivel, Edgar Men's Soccer
Larios, Bryan Men's Soccer
Lopez, Isaac Men's Soccer
Orozco, Sergio Men's Soccer
Smith, Brennan Men's Soccer
Surio, Brayan Men's Soccer
Vazquez, Ricardo Men's Soccer
Zein, Ryan Men's Soccer
Bebich, Vincent Men's Swimming
Beck, Richard Men's Swimming
Fan, Yishen Men's Swimming
Luck, Joseph Men's Swimming
Mackey, William Men's Swimming
Phillips, Zachary Men's Swimming
Restrepo, Jordan Men's Swimming
Tran, Henry Men's Swimming
Abram, Seth Men's Tennis
Takahashi, Angel Men's Tennis
Blaettler-Frenzel, Maximilian Men's Track and Field
Cardona, Israel Men's Track and Field
Hudson, Samuel Men's Track and Field
Kanehailua, Solomon Men's Track and Field
Liang, Ethan

Men's Track and Field

Lubs, Spencer Men's Track and Field
Park, Chris Men's Track and Field
Paully-Umeh, Zane Men's Track and Field
Weston, Chance Men's Track and Field
Wheaton, Nayveon Men's Track and Field
Yatar, Vincent Men's Track and Field
Banez, Jordan Men's Volleyball
Dixon, Kristopher Men's Volleyball
Healy, Conor B. Men's Volleyball
Iosia, Nehemiah M. Men's Volleyball
Jimenez, Nicholas S. Men's Volleyball
Labayen, Lexandre J. Men's Volleyball
Nordel, Peter Men's Volleyball
Otazu, Michael R. Men's Volleyball
Remigio, Christian E. Men's Volleyball
Riblett, Joshua Men's Volleyball
Thronas-Kahoone, Kanai Men's Volleyball
Tsai, Wesly Men's Volleyball
McKinney, Ryan Men's Water Polo
Saleh, Youssef Men's Water Polo
Tran, Henry Men's Water Polo
Antonelli, Brigid Softball
Fisher, Kamryn Softball
Kung, Kara Women's Basketball
Quinn-Fountano, Tyler Women's Basketball
Sroczynski, Michelle Women's Basketball
Thebodeau, Jullian Women's Basketball
Kara Kung Women's Basketball
Tyler Quinn-Fountano  Women's Basketball
Michelle Sroczynski   Women's Basketball
Jullian Thebodeau  Women's Basketball
Griffie, Hannah Women's Cross Country
Rodriguez, Jacqueline Women's Cross Country
Smith, Courtney Women's Cross Country
Agosto, Hope Women's Soccer
Cano, Emily Women's Soccer
Chura, Nicole Women's Soccer
Cole, Rylie Women's Soccer
Gonzalez, Tonya Women's Soccer
Mercado, Ashley Women's Soccer
Andrade, Bethany Women's Swimming
Moraga, Yocelyn Women's Swimming
O. Kjahna Women's Swimming
Sauer, Amber Women's Swimming
Umejesi, Mishael Women's Swimming
Vili, Roxanne Women's Swimming
Eshillonu, Chiaka Women's Tennis
Hoshiko, Natsuki Women's Tennis
Juarez, Nathale Women's Tennis
Shugars, Jade Women's Tennis
Tsue, Kaitlin Women's Tennis
Woodland, Shadera Women's Tennis
Zwiren, Nicole Women's Tennis
Bent-Mikail, Zaynab Women's Track and Field
Chapman, Allison Women's Track and Field
Rodriguez, Jacqueline Women's Track and Field
Iwuh, Tessy-Beth Women's Volleyball
Mason, Jennifer Women's Volleyball
Masui, Nia Women's Volleyball
Pearson, Sarah Women's Volleyball
Russell, Brooke Women's Volleyball
St. Pierre, Jolene Women's Volleyball
Welchhance, Britnie Women's Volleyball
Williams, Nickeisha Women's Volleyball
Umejesi, Mishael Women's Water Polo
Vili, Roxanne Women's Water Polo



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Hall of Fame


Membership in the Athletic Hall of Fame is a tribute to those athletes, coaches, and other distinguished individuals, who deserve recognition for their outstanding accomplishments in athletics and for their support of the El Camino Athletic program.

Nomination forms may be obtained by calling the El Camino College Athletic Department at (310) 660-3547.


Hall of fame

2016 Hall of Fame Induction Class

El Camino College inducted eight individuals. Back row (left to right), Jeff Cummins, Chole Grimm, Fritz Marohn, Harold Young, Tim Buzbee. Front row (left to right), Hal Simonek and John Featherstone. Not pictured, Richard De Armitt.

For complete bio's please click here.